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What does your current personal development plan look like? Is one of your goals to look up from your desk and seek out a wider view of the HR world? Maybe you want to spend some time focusing on your own professional development or strengthen your network of senior HR peers?

Whatever your own personal aims and ambitions are, The Human Resources Forum offers a fresh perspective on the daily challenges you face.

THE KEYNOTES and SEMINARS & WORKSHOPS listed here are those announced to date for the May 2017 conference.  Further additions will be made shortly. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SESSIONS are from our 2017 event and will be updated.

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CPD Certified

The Human Resouces Forum qualifies for CPD credits. All delegate attendees will receive a CPD certificate after the event.

For further information on CPD accreditation please visit : http://www.cpduk.co.uk

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If you would like to participate in the programme or recommend any speakers or topics please email Hilary Fenwick or call on +44 (0) 20 8487 2244.


    It has been said that the five most terrifying words in the political lexicon are: "Michael Crick is in reception”.

    Ex-Special Advisor to the Office of the Prime Minister, Theo Bertram, had this to say about Michael: "If I was a Minister, I'd sooner face a million angry...


  • Taming Tigers: Accomplishing “Mission Impossible”


    Accomplishing “Mission Impossible” is now critical to the survival of a business or a career and depends upon our ability to adapt to and create disruptive changes, to seize opportunities at pace, to play to win rather than play “not  to lose”, to engage and empowe...


  • The world economy

    Dr David McWilliams: Economist, author and broadcaster

    eciphering uncertainty is what global economist and much published David McWilliams does best. Professor, practitioner and keenly sought after speaker the world over, David’s unique insights provide companies with essential guidance in an increasingly unsteady and unpredictable world.


Seminars & workshops
Seminars & workshops
  • Health and wellbeing in the workplace – The power of data insights in creating a culture of health.

    Dr Wolfgang Seidl, MD MA MBACP(Accred),Partner and Workplace Health Consulting Leader, Mercer

    Ill health clearly affects productivity in terms of absenteeism and presenteeism and one in three employees will at some stage experience symptoms of psychological distress - half of these will have symptoms that warrant a common mental health diagnosis. The Health & Safety Executive puts ...


    The digital workforce: how do we hire, manage and retain employees in this sector?

    Sarah McQuade, Senior HRBP EMEA, Uber

    The rapidly growing digital, freelance economy has introduced a new mode of working and is transforming workforces and corporate procedures. 

    How do we develop and implement successful strategies to recruit, motivate and retain talent in this sector?

    Sarah M...


  • Delivering sustainable growth through an engaging culture

    David D’Souza, Head of London & Head of Engagement ,CIPD

    Helping your people be at their most effective is critical to business success. We want people to be creative, passionate, vocal, supportive and committed – the best way to achieve this is through a culture centred on enabling these behaviours to flourish. This session will explore how t...


    The Gender Pay Gap: identifying and tackling the issues.

    Ed Stacey, Partner and Head of Employment Law, PwC

    On 5 April 2017, all UK based employers (with more than 250 employees) are required to take a snapshot of their pay data to enable them to report on their gender pay gap.  This session will be considering:

    • What employers are required to do with their data and by...


  • Diversity - what works?

    Simon Fanshawe OBE, Partner, Diversity by Design

    Almost every company and organisation has a section on their website which, with all sincerity, declares diversity as a priority, a commitment and fundamental to their business. And they mean it. However, there is a change in thinking going on about how most effectively to achieve significant ...


    The apprenticeship levy: turning a cost into an opportunity!

    Erica Farmer, Apprenticeships, Employability and L&D Lead, Centrica

    Erica will share the Centrica Apprenticeship story and discuss:

    • Insight into the build of new Standards and Assessment plans from a large employers’ perspective
    • Maximising the Levy contribution across the UK and how it can support you in b...


  • Flexible working – Making a difference to the bottom line: How we changed things for the better at Ulster Bank!

    Frank McCracken, Senior HR Professional in RBS and Head of Employee Relations for Ulster Bank Ireland DAC

    A case study presentation on:

    • effecting change
    • recognising staff needs through listening
    • getting senior management buy in
    • increasing employee motivation
    • adding to the bottom line


  • The Superdry (SuperGroup) HR Story: Transforming people and performance!

    Andrea Cartwright, Group HR Director, SuperGroup Plc

    When Andrea joined SuperGroup, the owner of British lifestyle brand Superdry in 2012, it was a well-established UK business. HR had no presence or impact in the business and she set about building a world-class team to drive their mission of ‘transforming organisational performance and p...


  • Supporting leaders to achieve employee engagement: the power of perception, perspective and relationship dynamics.

    Emma J. Bell, Author, Employment Lawyer, Facilitator, Coach

    HR professionals who understand how to coach leaders in motivating and engaging employees are highly valued. In this session we will look at what motivates employees and how to coach leaders to shift perspective in dealing with performance, disciplinary or engagement issues so as to get the be...


  • Ethics and employee data – what’s your GPDR strategy?

    Ardi Kolah LLM, Executive Fellow and Co-Director, GDPR Transition Programme, Henley Business School,

    The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) aims to harmonise laws across the EU and create an onus on companies to understand the risks their data storage can create for others. Employers need to mitigate those risks to build a comprehensive culture of privacy and must prepare for change...


  • Why current reward mechanisms do not work for Millennials

    Jo Steen, People Director, Ben Sherman

    Millennials have different expectations of jobs and careers and current debates have us running scared. This raises important questions and requires us to think differently in terms of how we describe jobs and how we give weight to jobs in the future.

    Increasingly advancing technology ...


  • The impact of AI on the workforce and the world of work.

    Dr Steve Davies, Head of Education at the Institute of Economic Affairs, London

    There is a great deal of talk about automation and its possible impact on our workforce. We have been here before but this time it does look as though we are looking at something genuinely new – the reason is the AI element rather than simple mechanisation.

    There are quite a few ...


Professional development
 Professional development
  • Taming Tigers: Accomplishing “Mission Impossible”

    Jim Lawless, Author and Elite Coach

    In this interactive workshop Jim Lawless will expand upon his opening address on developing ability to adapt to and create disruptive changes, to seize opportunities at pace, to empower others and inspire action. Understanding, owning and enjoying the mind-set that creates powerful change.


  • Ideas to implementation

    Paul Rigby, Author, Speaker & Facilitator, PaulRigby.Biz

    Ok so you have an idea. Now what? Innovation is not just about the idea. In fact the idea is the 1% inspiration. Implementation is the 99% perspiration.

    Too often people talk about the front end of innovation – the idea generation. Too little time is spent on the back end of inno...


  • Dodging Bombs in Baghdad: Leadership lessons for the front line of business.

    Mark Munnich, Director, MJM Coaching and Consulting

    Mark will draw from his own unique experiences working in Baghdad to highlight how really getting to know your people can directly, significantly and positively impact the reputation of your organisation.

    This stems from loyalty and excellence from staff, which in turn delivers increas...


  • James Bond in the management process.

    Stefan Zürcher, Stuntman & Film Producer, Alpine Films

    Who doesn’t recognize the opening scene of the James Bond movie “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”, where the British agent is chased by a handful of skiers through the Swiss mountains and manages to escape the villains of Blofeld.

    One of those skiers in ...


Discussion Groups
Discussion Groups
  • How can difficult conversations be made easy in the workplace?

    Sue Ingram, Director, Converse Well

    Research by the CIPD in July 2015 reported that 57% of managers would do almost anything to avoid a difficult conversation and 52% said they would rather put up with a negative situation than talk about it.

    Based on these figures we can assume that only half of the difficult conversati...


  • Shaping realistic empowerment in an age of democratic expression and social power.

    Ian Barrow, Client Services Director, Karian and Box

    Join this discussion group to share your experience, expertise and latest thinking on:

    • Defining what empowerment and enablement means for your organisation
    • Setting realistic levels of empowerment and enablement for grades and job roles across your organis...


  • Connecting real-life human behaviour with an organisation’s strategic and cultural aims.

    Dr Paul Jones, Senior Engagement Consultant, Karian and Box

    Join this discussion group to share your experience, expertise and latest thinking on:

    • Ensuring that colleagues know how their role contributes to the goals, vision and mission of the organisation
    • Identifying the frontline behavioural drivers that will le...


One to One Executive Coaching
One to One Executive Coaching
  • Executive Coach 1 - Louise Bradshaw


    As a Senior Executive with PCI Louise has extensive experience from her many
    years in the retail and financial services sectors. Prior leadership roles within sales,
    service and training means that she understands firsthand the issues which face
    leaders and the strategies ...


  • Executive Coach 2 - Graham Da Costa


    An Executive Coach with 30+years’ commercial experience specialising in Leadership, culture and gaining the ‘discretionary effort’ of employees through motivation and engagement.  Before focusing on executive coaching and consultancy, Graham held a number of senior custo...


  • Executive Coach 3 – Tom Boyle


    Tom is an Executive Coach with over 25 years’ experience in the development of individuals, teams and organisations. He provides Executive coaching and designs and delivers management, leadership and organisation development. Enhancing the careers of clients in organisations across Europ...


  • Executive Coach 4 – Jenifer Richmond


    Jenifer Richmond is a qualified Executive Coach and Leadership mentor to ILM 7 and is a certified NLP practitioner. She has a proven track record as an HR Professional and Senior Director for National Express UK Coach, Amey and The Boots Company and has made significant contributions to strate...


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